Maximum Protection | SPF 100

A complete seal for when your eyes need total protection. Seal Protection Factor of SPF 100 means Airshield provides a perfect, 100% seal.



  • Dr. David D. Giess
    “I want to thank you for your commitment to excellence. I was in a motorcycle accident on September 26, 2014 and am convinced your eye wear has saved the eyesight in my right eye."
    Dr. David D. Giess
  • Joseph O. aka CuzinJoe
    "I tell everyone thank god I was wearing 7eye. My face had its share of asphalt from the deep gauges carved into the frame and lenses. I truly feel that had I been wearing some cheap pair of gas station frames, my eyes would have been added to my list of broken ribs, punctured lung, fractured hip and a multitude of other complications from the rear ending..."
    Joseph O. aka CuzinJoe
  • Sam D. (via Facebook)
    I've been a rider for the past 35 years and have had numerous pairs so called "riding" glasses. It wasn't until 2007 when I found 7eye. It was instant love. The removable cups that keep your eyes from getting dry, the light adjusting lenses. OUTSTANDING!! I cannot say enough about my glasses or 7eye. Customer service has treated me and my wife like family. As long as I am able to ride, I will always be doing it with 7eyes!
    Sam D. (via Facebook)