Looking for a good pair of Motorcycle Sunglasses?


When you’re on the bike, the problem is finding something that’s comfortable.

Most sunglasses press quite hard against your head. And within a short time you get headaches. You’ve gotta stop and take your helmet off.


If something gets in your eyes and impairs your vision during something critical, such as riding at speed, it can be dangerous.

It doesn’t take much for the wind to go straight into your eyes, and your eyes start to tear up.

It can be dangerous but it also feels uncomfortable.

7Eye Motorcycle Sunglasses

So with the 7Eye Motorcycle Sunglasses, they’re motorbike specific, specially for open-face helmets.

These sunglasses really act more like a set of goggles, without looking like you’re on the Australian Ski Team(!)

Airshield Inserts

The sunglasses are designed to wrap around your face. They all run this insert in the back, which sits against your eye sockets. You can’t really see it, but it forms a seal designed to keep out the dirt, dust, rubbish and wind. It also keeps your eyes from getting watery, even at speed.

With the vents above and below, they rarely fog up.

They work as regular sunglasses, so you can walk around without the eyepieces in when you’re not riding


You can also put any kind of prescription that you want into them. Whether that’s bifocal readers, multifocals, distance lenses, it’s easy to have them put in. Or get them in non-prescription too.

All lenses are made from non-shatter material. This makes them ideal for any activity that might send rocks and debris flying towards you.

Photochromatic lenses are available. These go dark in the sun. This means that you can ride with the one pair of sunglasses all day, including riding home at night.

7Eye sunglasses are comfortable to wear all day. And they keep your eyes are protected during your entire ride.

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