No More Dry Eyes

Ziena Silicon Eyecups

Ziena’s discrete silicone eyecup keeps eyes from drying out and retains eye moisture. The eyecup blocks wind, glare, and other airborne irritants like dust or pollen. Powerful micro-magnets hold the eyecup in place and allow for easy removal to clean or replace.

These glasses really act more like a set of goggles, without looking like you’re on the Australian Ski Team!

They work as regular sunglasses, so you can walk around without the eyepieces in when you’re not riding


You can also put any kind of prescription that you want into them. Whether that’s bifocal readers, multifocals, distance lenses, it’s easy to have them put in. Or get them in non-prescription too.

All lenses are made from non-shatter material. This makes them ideal for any activity that might send rocks and debris flying towards you.

Photochromatic lenses are available. These go dark in the sun. This means that you wear the one pair of sunglasses all day, including driving home at night.

7Eye Ziena Dry Eye glasses are comfortable to wear all day. And they keep your eyes are protected during your entire ride.

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